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With traditional registers taking valuable time, providing illegible names and creating more paperwork, DigiReg is the perfect 21st century alternative.​

Reporting from DigiReg can provide you with the information needed to assist with compliance, planning and performance analysis, as well as identifying trends of non-attendance


Attendees simply scan a QR code with their smart device, or enter a code via the DigiReg website.

  1. Everyone does it at once, so it takes less than a minute, for ANY class size.

  2. If an attendee does not have a smart device, the presenter can register the student manually at the end of the session.

  3. Location data is stored to prevent the sharing of codes and suspicious registrations are flagged.

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Absence Support

The absence support dashboard flags low attendance for support staff to follow up, enabling early intervention and support to be provided.

The dashboard manages all communication, recording it all in a central system, and helping support staff to keep track of individual cases.

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